You take a trip. The trip takes you. Brazil, 2013.

This is a personal project, part of a series called “Videodes” (video + ode = a visual expression of an exalted emotion).

Music: “A Vida” by Maya Solovey (see lyrics below).

Translation of lyrics (from Portuguese):

I go and dance when I feel something inside
Something that I shouldn’t carry
I go and I listen to the Brazilian musicians.
They help me to be free.

(refrain:) To dance, and to play
So that we remember life
To cry and to dream
So that we remember joy.

In movement, I can create my world
Where beauty can reign
The queen of all that seems dark
But possesses the power to give light.


And when we all dance together
We are making ourselves one
Sadness, joy, they are not separate
They are different ways to love in the world.