I am a Virginia-based photographer and filmmaker.

I create visual stories for publications, organizations, and individuals.

What drives my work is the desire to create meaningful stories that educate, inspire, and connect us to one another.

In 2011-2012, my husband Michael and I put thousands of miles on our car—more than can be counted since the odometer stopped working partway through. It’s not about miles, anyway, but what those miles contained: forests with giant tress, deserts with fierce windstorms, moonrises and megalopolises, looming factories and golden fields. We didn’t know where we were going. Even when we thought we did, we didn’t. We were always surprised at what we found. The quality of dappled light. The colors of the rocks. The smoke in the forest.

This is a personal project, part of a series called “Videodes” (video + ode = a visual expression of an exalted emotion).