I am a Virginia-based photographer and filmmaker.

I create visual stories for publications, organizations, and individuals.

What drives my work is the desire to create meaningful stories that educate, inspire, and connect us to one another.

Oakwood Arts

Posted on Jun 29, 2018

I recently taught a video storytelling workshop to teenagers through Oakwood Arts, a non-profit arts education center and gallery in Richmond’s Church Hill. The students learned about multimedia and how to weave words and images together. They storyboarded, wrote first-person scripts, shot video, recorded audio, and directed/assisted in the editing process. Here are videos from Mikaylah and brothers, Shammond and Jamond.

It was great to work with students again. I was impressed how quickly they learned how to use the cameras, how easily the Shammond and Jamond worked together, and how mature and clear-sighted Makaylah is for thirteen. Thanks to the good work of Oakwood Arts these young people are learning technical and artistic skills that help them express themselves.